GPS Barge and Boat Tracking Systems

The DockMaster GPS barge tracking and monitoring solution provides substantial advantages. Accurately estimate loading and unloading times with accurate GPS location data. Monitor watercraft remotely to ensure that it is secure. Improve equipment utilization, customer service, and profits.

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Efficient & Easy To Use

Pinpoint delivery times, respond quickly to changes, accurately forecast the number of barges you need and better manage how they are used. Plus our units are wireless, easy to install with logical web-based software in which you set the terms.


If is your business and you can choose how frequently you would like to receive data. Easily adjust how frequently you would like the device to “check-in” from every ten minutes to every few hours.

Cloud Web Portal

Turn sensor monitoring data into actionable information with the powerful reporting functionality in our cloud-based web portal. There is no software to install; all you need for 24/7 access to your password-protected account is an internet connection. For a low monthly fee, you get unlimited access to data, reports, maps, and alerts.

We make it easy to view standard reports or create customized reports using our online system, or export your sensor monitoring data.

  • Standard Reports

    Analyze common business issues using a variety of standard reports including dwell, pooling, crew productivity, impact & more.

  • Custom Reports

    Use our Report Builder to create an unlimited number of reports to meet your specific business requirements. Features include filters to see as much or as little data as you need.

  • Export Data

    If you prefer, use industry standard IP/XML data exchange tools to import DockMaster monitoring data into your existing fleet management software. Or, export data for use in many programs including Microsoft© Excel©.

Interactive Maps

Manage your assets easily using our interactive maps powered by Google Maps

Interactive Maps

  • Locate assets immediately on our base map.
  • See the latest position of your entire fleet using our dispatch display view.
  • Choose the details you want displayed on-screen, including the time of message, event, status, and speed for each asset.

Administrative Tools

Manage your units within the web portal available 24/7 from your internet connected computer.

Administrative Tools

  • Create and update alerts with the parameters you set for your equipment and the sensors
  • Establish other report users in your team, and define their access and resources
  • Renew unit software “over-the-air” with easy updates from the comfort of your computer

Alerts & Alarms Real-Time

Get real-time information when you use DockMaster systems to monitor your assets.

Alerts & Alarms Real-Time

  • You configure the thresholds that trigger alerts. The system automatically sends a message.
  • Choose multiple email addresses or mobile phones for email/text notifications. Every message includes detailed information.

Extensive Geo-Fencing

Define, update and monitor the “virtual fences” you draw on your computer.

Extensive Geo-Fence Capabilities

  • Get a message when your asset enters and/or exits a geofence location.
  • Run reports for geofence locations.
  • Use geofence locations as “triplines” for alarm triggers.

Return on Your Investment

DockMaster is a leading provider of industrial wireless technology with existing customers that include the largest North American railroads, and major manufacturers and shippers. We used millions of miles of tested performance to evolve our technologies to be reliable, efficient and economical, ensuring a healthy return on your investment.

  • Rugged equipment that lasts

    DockMaster equipment is waterproof and shock resistant, with rigorous testing that exceeds industry specifications. To help you avoid downtime, we design and build our monitoring hardware to withstand the harshest environments and operate under the most demanding conditions.

  • Simple Low-Cost Installation

    All DockMaster hardware is self-contained and designed for easy installation, often requiring less than ten minutes. We also offer a magnetic mount to save even more time and effort in the installation process.

  • Third-Party Credibility

    As a leading provider of GPS monitoring data, we provide credible accurate information to give you real-time answers to possible conflicts.